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JLI ’16 First unit on the text and leadership in The Book of Exodus

SY 2016 JLI Tanakh curriculum

JLI Mikraot Gedolot English Exodus_0001


JS 12 Comparative Religion handouts

JS 12 SY 2016 Comp Relig Syllabus

JS 10 Foundation of Ethics unit in PDF

JS 10 Foundations of Ethics New

JS 8 Israel unit handouts

JS 8 Israel unit

Syllabi for Jewish Studies 8, JS Ethics 10, JS Comparative Religion 12, JLI 12

SY 16 JLI Syllabus

JS 12 SY 2016 Comp Relig Syllabus

JS 10 SY 2016 Syllabus

JS 8 SY 2016 Syllabus

Back to School Night, 2015

Back to school night 2015

JS 8, JS 9 and JS 10 examples of units, assessments, assignments

Student handouts for Jewish Studies 8th grade unit on Israel

Student handouts for Jewish Studies 8th grade unit on comparative religion (Christianity and Islam and Judaism)

Student handouts for Jewish Studies 9 on the spring holidays

Assessments for JS 9 SY 15 Lashon ha Ra/inappropriate speech

JS10 Syllabus – LEV talk assignment is included in the syllabus

JS 10 SY 15 Research Paper Assignment